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Public information




About computational materials design


2019/ 7/18

[ maintenance operation of the supercomputing system ]

Because of power outage and the maintenance operation, we will stop the service of the supercomputing system during the following periods.
Service suspension period: Aug. 2 (Fri.) 13:00 -- Aug. 7 (Wed.) 10:00, 2019

2019/ 7/18

[ supercomputing system in the holidays ]

Aug. 8 (Thu.), 17:00 -- Aug. 19 (Mon.), 9:00, 2019
The supercomputing system continues to operate during the above periods.
However, the administrators cannot help you immediately when you have any troubles.

2019/ 6/18

[ Programming training seminar ]

We are planning to organize training seminar for Cray XC50 and CS Storm GPU supercomputing system. Those who wish to participate in this seminar, please send e-mail to us by July 10. Please see agenda for this seminar.

2019/ 5/29

[ installation of application software ]

We have installed following application software.
Large-scale parallel computing server:

  • QuantumATK 2019.03 (set as default)
  • Intel compiler (default version is
  • Intel MKL (default version is
Parallel computing and informatics server:
  • MATLAB R2019a (set as default)

2019/ 5/22

[ for super computing system users ]

The Center news No.31 (in Japanese) is published.