Center for Computational Materials Science
Institute for Materials Research,
Tohoku University

Role of Center for Computational Materials Science

Supercomputing system of Center for Computational Materials Science (CCMS) has been used by the researchers of materials science field as a collaborative research institute in Institute for Materials Research (IMR) through renovating the supercomputing systems several times since the first introduction of the supercomputing system in 1994. CCMS established frameworks as a domestic collaborative research institute in 2009 and has contributed to producing a wide variety of creative and innovative achievements in materials science field by providing the computational resources to materials science researchers. Furthermore, in 2018 CCMS is certified as an international collaborative research institute.
 The system renovation in 2018 makes it possible to provide new computational resources which satisfy diverse research needs such as GPU-based massively parallel computing, multi-scale simulations, and materials informatics, in addition to the conventional demands such as prediction of physical phenomena and materials design. This renovation aims at contributing to the innovation of materials research technologies for solving energy and environmental problems, to the development of device/electronics materials for creating prosperous and livable future society and for strengthening Japan's international competitiveness, and to developing new social infrastructure materials for realizing safe, secure, and sustainable society. CCMS also hopes to contribute to the advancement and promotion of computational materials science field and community in the world by releasing the leading-edge results obtained by the maximum utilization of our supercomputing system.
 Furthermore, CCMS provides the computational resources to the researchers who participate in the projects of Post-K Priority Issues, Post-K Exploratory Challenges, Professional development Consortium for Computational Materials Scientists (PCoMS), and Element Strategy Initiative as a project of Supercomputer Consortium for Computational Materials Science, cooperates with the Post-K and PCoMS projects, assists the parallelization of application software, and holds the lecture courses for application software, in order to provide active supports for the advancement and promotion of computational materials science field and community in the world.