Center for Computational Materials Science
Institute for Materials Research,
Tohoku University

update/termination of your account

 We inform you of a necessary procedure on your user account to login the supercomputing system. For the purpose of maintaining the network security, please update your SSH public key.

I. Update of your account.

 We are updating information of user's account to log in the supercomputing system for the FY2019, Apr. 1, 2019 - Mar. 31, 2020. Please tell us whether you continue using your account on MASAMUNE-IMR or terminate it by Thursday, March 28, 2019 by following the instructions below.

# Those who wish to continue using the system:

 The users of the supercomputing system must meet any of the following conditions:
* Principal researcher and his/her members of a collaborative research of CCMS
* Principal researcher and his/her members of a collaborative research of IMR,
 who are approved to use the supercomputing system.
* The members of a Collaborative Research Materials Science Project.
Those who meet the condition can use the supercomputing system upon the approval. Please submit the "Registration form" at the following web site to get the approval.

 *URL :

 * Period for submission of registration form : March 21, 2019 - March 28, 2019 at 12:00 a.m.

# Foreign users:

 Foreign users have to submit the “DECLARATION" and "Check-list" which can be downloaded from the following
web site. Please give your signature in "DECLARATION" and send them to us by e-mail with the pdf or jpeg file.


# Change of registration information:

 If you have any changes for your registration information, please login to the GIMRT user system and update it.

# Those who wish to terminate your account:

 If you wish to terminate your account, be sure to backup your data by the end of April, 2019. You would not be able to login to the supercomputing system from May 1st, 2019, after completing the termination procedure.

<< important>>
# If you do not provide us above information by the deadline:

* We will temporarily suspend your account on April 1st, 2019.
 As for the application form received after the deadline, we will check and resume his/her account later.
* If you do not submitthe application by the end of April, 2019, your account will be deleted after May, 2019.

II. Update of SSH public key

 We need to maintain network security to protect users data. If you intend to use the supercomputing system FY2019, you need to update the SSH public key.This is a common practice to protect the system, and your understanding would be appreciated.
 We will delete your old SSH public key at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 7, 2019. When you login to the supercomputing system after that, please re-create your public key on the public key registration system.


Please contact us whenever you have questions.

 E-mail: ccms-adm [at_mark]

* Replace [at_mark] with @.