Omuro-Yama with Mount Fuji
(Shizuoka, Japan), December 2017


Name Michi-To Suzuki (Michito Suzuki)
Affiliation Center for Computational Materials Science, Institute for Materials Research (IMR), Tohoku University
Keywords Condensed matter physics (Magnetism, First-principles calculation, Strongly correlated electron systems) >>MORE
Birth May, 1979 in Saitama Pref., Japan


2019.07 〜 Guest Associate Professor, Center for Spintronics Research Network (CSRN), Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University
2018.11 〜 Associate Professor, Department of Metallurgy, Materials Science and Materials Processing, Tohoku University
2018.08 〜 Associate Professor, Materials Design by Computer Simulation, Materials Design Division, Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University
2018.04 〜 Associate Professor, Center for Computational Materials Science (CCMS), Institute for Materials Research (IMR), Tohoku University
2017.10 〜 Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), PRESTO Researcher
2017.10 〜 2018.01 Saitama University, Part-time lecturer
2014.05 〜 2018.03 Research scholor in Center for Emergent Matter Science (CEMS), RIKEN
2010.07 〜 2014.04 Research scholor in CCSE, Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2007.08 〜 2010.06 Post doctor in Uppsala University (Sweden)
2007.04 〜 2007.07 Post doctor in Kobe University
2007.03 Graduate School of Science and Technology, Laboratory of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Kobe University; Doctor´s degree
2004.03 Graduate School of Science, Osaka University; Master´s degree
2002.03 Faculty of Science, Kyoto Sangyo University; Graduated